Decoding the Google Grant: How to make Google Ads work for your campaigns

We’ve all heard about the mythical Google Grant, but what exactly is it all about and how can charities use it to help drive their digital fundraising? David Bushell from AdGrow has experience running Google Ad campaigns for charities and companies of all sizes. He joins us on digital fundraising day to finally demystify the Google Grant and show charities how to run effective Ad’s

David Bushell runs AdGrow, a London based digital marketing agency established in 2008. He’s worked on some of the biggest and smallest digital marketing accounts, ranging from Tesco, M&S & Yale to typical small businesses as well as charities. AdGrow run the Google advertising for Charity Digital for many years. David will be providingĀ an introduction to Google advertising and the Google Grant for Nonprofits.

Download the webinar slides here

What you'll learn:

  • What the Google Grant is and how you can apply for it
  • How to run effective Google ad campaigns
  • 8 tips for making google ads work for fundraising