People over platform: Top tips to keep your fundraising goals front of mind during digital transformation

It’s easy to be seduced by the exciting features of new technology platforms that promise the earth. However, when the honeymoon period wears off, charities are often left wondering “What’s the true benefit of this to our organisation and supporters?”

So, how do you deliver the best donor and fundraising experiences effectively and efficiently, without getting distracted by the features and capabilities of your potential new tech?

In this session the founders of Trillium are joined by Mind and the Royal college of Physicians to share insights into how you can focus on getting real value from your technology and achieve your digital transformation and fundraising goals, whether you want to optimise your current platforms, totally overhaul your website or implement a brand-new CRM.

About Trillium

Trillium delivers digital transformation for charity and not-for-profit organisations. By bringing together strategy, digital and CRM, we transform the entire user experience, improving acquisition, retention and engagement. Our CRM and website solutions provide you with the insights and tools to easily develop innovative fundraising approaches, connect with those who most care about your cause and positively manage all your relationships, donor and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of technological and strategic expertise which – combined with our commitment to outstanding customer support – ensures the success of your digital initiatives.

We’re ready to start you on your digital transformation journey. #ExperienceMatters

About the speakers: 

Gavin Pollock leads on Trillium’s technology strategy. He ensures Trillium leads the way with best-of-breed platforms and forward-thinking solutions. As Chief Technical Architect, he supports clients in achieving their organisational goals by matching them with the right technology strategy. He delivers this by using his deep membership and charity sector experience as well as his significant technical background in enterprise architecture. Gavin has over 20 years of CRM and website development and integration experience, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics 365.  In 2010, before founding Trillium with Alan Perestrello, he was Development Director at Challow and eFurnace. He graduated from the University of Cape Town, in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

Alan Perestrello leads on Trillium’s commercial strategy; he ensures that our clients’ experience matters. He’s an expert in delivering digital transformation by creating trusted and transparent relationships, teams and strategies. Alan is dedicated to putting people and strategy before technology. He believes that the success of any technical project is dependent on this approach. He combines his expertise in the membership and charity sector with decades of IT management to support organisations create a digital mind set and deliver meaningful innovation. Before founding Trillium with Gavin Pollock in 2010, Alan was Operations Director for eFurnace and Business Development Director at Challow. Alan graduated from the South African School of Advertising as a Media Planner, working in media agencies as a planner, buyer and strategist.


Download the webinar slides here

What you'll learn:

  • Keep your fundraising objectives front of mind when being presented with tech platforms
  • Confidently identify the platforms that aren't for you.
  • Be clear on what information you need in the procurement process so that you buy and optimise technology platforms that are going to deliver your organisation and fundraising objectives.
  • With examples of why technology platforms should be the last consideration in your digital transformation - your partner is more important than your platform!